Programs - Overview


God’s Garden Preschool and Child Development Center offers Preschool Programs and Pre-Kindergarten classes for children ages 2-5.
At God’s Garden, we believe it is important for children to learn democratic life skills including respecting others and one self, working together in groups, solving problems using words, expressing strong emotions in acceptable ways, and making ethical and intelligent decisions.
Our goal is to work with all children to help them develop self-control, self-direction, self-esteem, and cooperation through positive child guidance.  In addition, we work to encourage the children to become creative, independent, responsible, and socially capable individuals. This involves learning to make responsible choices, and accepting the consequences of such choices during early childhood development.
We emphasize development of Christian values such as self-esteem, hope, faith, caring and sharing, forgiveness, honesty, obedience, responsibility, thankfulness, patience, love, joy, and fairness.  Teachers and staff model these values and beliefs every day in their interactions with children, parents, and each other. 
Bible stories and teachings are used to support these values and beliefs.  In addition, children at God's Garden learn to pray and worship God.  Each day begins and ends with prayer.  And even the littlest ones get to participate in worship during monthly Chapel led by the Pastor of Horizon Presbyterian Church.

Learn more about the age-appropriate curriculum and activities for your child by clicking the links below:
2's Toddler Program (Child must be 2 by August 31st)  

3's Preschool Program

4's Pre-Kindergarten Program

Stay-n-Play & Early Care