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In 1999 members of the Horizon worshipping community identified the need for an Ahwatukee preschool.  At the time, there were few Ahwatukee daycare or quality Christian preschools in the area.  From this “seed”, the idea grew and after a year of tender loving care, God’s Garden Preschool and Child Development Center opened in the fall of 2000.  God’s Garden is a ministry of Horizon Presbyterian Church and operates at the direction of the Session, or governing board, of the church.


As an outreach of Horizon Presbyterian Church, God's Garden is dedicated to providing a positive and supportive Christian learning environment which nurtures spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth through a child-centered, discovery based curriculum.  Our students are our first priority and we believe that each child's development is fostered by an ongoing partnership between staff and parents.  Our goal is to provide each child with the readiness skills, social capabilities, and love of learning necessary to successfully enter the primary grades.

  • Encourage independence, foster growth of healthy self-concept, and develop a sense of responsibility
  • Nurture feelings of empathy, encourage cooperation, honesty, respect, and altruism
  • Promote receptive and expressive language skills, and encourage emergent literacy
  • Stimulate curiosity and knowledge about the world
  • Strengthen motor skills and increase awareness of health and safety
  • Support growing abilities to communicate ideas through the visual arts, drama, construction, music, and movement
  • Enhance imagination, spontaneity, and originality
  • Inspire a lifelong love of learning



God’s Garden offers Preschool Programs and Pre-Kindergarten classes for children ages 2-4. Children from families of all religious faiths and traditions are welcome.  We know that the choice of a preschool for your child, particularly a first child, is an important decision.  We encourage you to visit God’s Garden and get acquainted with the teachers and staff.


The Christian world view is vital to the success of God’s Garden.  The values and beliefs of Christianity permeate God’s Garden in a variety of ways.  Teachers and staff model Christian behaviors and teach values such as self-esteem, hope, faith, caring and sharing, forgiveness, honesty, obedience, responsibility, thankfulness, patience, love, joy, and fairness.  Bible stories and teachings such as creation, Noah’s Ark, the birth of Jesus, the birth of Moses, Easter, prayer, love, trust, and hope are used as aids to learning.  Prayer is said to start and end the day, as well as before snack and meal times.



A bi-monthly chapel service is led by the pastor at Horizon.  Parents are invited to participate in the chapel service.  Families seeking a church home are always welcome to attend worship on Sundays and will find that their God’s Garden children are already comfortable because Horizon is their second home during the week.

We encourage you to learn more about the teachers, programs, and events.