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Our Curriculum
 Our goals at God's Garden are to:

  • Demonstrate God's love for each child, their families, and all creation.
  • Encourage independence, foster growth of healthy self-concept, and develop a sense of responsibility.
  • Encourage development of empathy, cooperation, honesty, respect and altruism.
  • Promote receptive and expressive language skills and encourage emergent literacy.
  • Stimulate curiosity about the world.
  • Promote investigation, decision-making, persistence and problem-solving.
  • Strengthen motor skills and increase awareness of health and safety.
  • Support growing abilities to communicate ideas through the visual arts, drama, construction, music and movement.
  • Enhance imagination, spontaneity, and originality.
  • Inspire lifelong love of learning and love of God.
  • Provide a firm educational foundation in preparation for elementary school.

God's Garden offers a child-centered, integrated/thematic curriculum that utilizes a variety of developmentally appropriate, self-directed learning centers coupled with whole and small group teacher-directed activities.

Our curriculum has its foundation in the High/Scope educational approach that provides an "open framework" which teachers can adapt to the special needs and conditions of their class. The central tenet of the High/Scope approach is "active learning" - the belief that children learn best through active experiences with people, materials, events, and ideas rather than through direct teaching or sequenced exercises. To learn more about High/Scope, visit

While Christian Education is integrated into the secular themes being studied by each class, Chapel with the Pastor and supplemental Christian Education in the classroom is based on campus-wide themes. Examples of these themes include: Prayer, Obedience & Patience, The Birth of Jesus, The Easter Story, and God's Unconditional Love.