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Caution: The Trap Door of Transformation

6/24/2018 Debby DeBernardi  John 15:1-5 

Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

6/17/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Proverbs 4:20-27 

Discerning the Ways of Wisdom

6/10/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Proverbs 7 & 8 

The Invisible Needy

6/4/2018 Rev. David Serchak  Luke 10:25-37 

Dust and Glory: Loving Those Who Are Left Out

5/27/2018 Joel Siken  Luke 19:1-10 

Faithfulness Without Boundaries

5/20/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  1 Kings 17:7-24 

The Family Side of Discipleship

5/13/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  2 Timothy 1:1-10 

Faith's Journey- The Ordinary & The Extraordinary

4/29/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Luke 9:28-36 

Expectant Transformation

4/22/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Luke 16:1-13 

Living in the Flock: Faith Vs. Fear

4/15/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Luke 12:32-40 

Discipleship and Its Ups and Downs

4/10/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  John 21:1-19 

Because Death Has No Place With Jesus

4/1/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Romans 10:9-13 

We're Never Alone When We Pray

3/18/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Psalms 1-2 

Lent and Woody Allen

3/11/2018 Pastor Bill Pawson  Mark 1:9-15 

God Listens. God Hears.

3/4/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Psalm 6 

Our God Who Never Fails Us

2/25/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Habakkuk 3 

God Answers Prayer

2/11/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Matthew 11:28-30 

Called to Live a Healthy Christian Life

2/4/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Titus 3:1-11 

Healthy Christian Living: More Than Just "Living A Life"

1/28/2018 Joel Siken  Titus 2:11-3:1 

Healthy Christian Living: Our Role Model

1/21/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Titus 2:1-10 

Healthy Church Leaders

1/14/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Titus 1:5-16 

A Healthy God; Who Does Not Lie

1/7/2018 Rev. Joe Surin  Titus 1:1-4 

Open Your Heart: It's What God Wants

12/31/2017 Rev. Joe Surin  Revelations 3:14-22 

God Guides the Shepherds' Hope

12/24/2017 Rev. Joe Surin  Luke 2:1-7 

Born So Vulnerable, The One Who Loves You To Death

12/17/2017 Rev. Joe Surin  Luke 2:8-20 

Living God's Hope, In Spite of Obstacles

12/10/2017 Rev. Joe Surin  Romans 8:22-27 

God's Bringing of Hope Into the World

12/4/2017 Rev. Joe Surin  Luke 1:26-38 

Shaped by Wind & Water, The Holy Spirit In Us

11/26/2017 Rev. Joe Surin  John 16:5-15 

God's Care for Us

11/19/2017 Rev. Joe Surin  Matthew 10:29-33 

Being Faithful to the Word of God

11/12/2017 Rev. Joe Surin  John 17:1-5 

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