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How has God surprised you today? Do you watch for His working in your life? Do you look for His answers to your prayers? God didn’t save us so that we could just “think” about Him. He saved us so that He could dwell among us. He longs for us to enjoy His presence and to find Him.

Too many distractions keep us from experiencing Him and having no evidence of Him to share.  We then become underdeveloped, less than flourishing disciples because we don’t know what to do for Him and how to do it. We trap ourselves into thinking God gave us a mouth only for the purpose of keeping it shut and not sharing “things of Him” even with other Christians. We huddle with ourselves in a sense!

ECO has been coaching our Horizon Discipleship Team on how to change our thinking and how to develop disciples by providing us with information like “Cultivating A Disciple-Making Culture” and “Seven Roots Necessary to Grow Flourishing Disciples,” also by educating us on how to write our own “Discipleship Designs,” and by encouraging us to write “Spiritual Autobiographies.” They introduced us to an excellent resource by A.A. Calhoun, “Spiritual Disciplines Handbook,” practices that transform us.  We now are eager to share all of this with you to use for your own spiritual and discipleship growth.    

After we, the Discipleship Team, prayerfully developed our own Discipleship Designs, ECO then encouraged us to form Huddles (groups of 2-4 people who meet regularly) where we would be accountable to others and find the encouragement to live out the intentions of our Designs.

We now invite you to come join a huddle where you will enjoy the same rich experiences we are having in spiritual growth.  You will find that each Huddle has its own character, yet all huddles remain focused on flourishing growth, being as simple or as complex as the huddle wants to be.

To further encourage you to join, here are examples of what you’ll share in a Flourishing Huddle:

  • Prayer – Praise and Thanksgiving

  • Scripture – Reminders of God’s characteristics, Meaningful scripture that has sustained us

  • Discipleship Designs – Encouragement as we share our failed AND faithful intentions

  • Celebrations – How we have seen God at work, How He is transforming us spiritually

  • Sharing Life’s Happenings – Remembering God’s faithfulness - listening, not teaching

  • Prayer – Petitions for each other, our church, those God is wanting us to reach

We huddle individually with God first. His Spirit is the one who causes our growth, convicts and transforms us! He is the one who maps out our intentions. It is in experiencing Him where we find our witness that we can’t wait to share.

God’s BIG purpose for these small huddles is to give us a safe, encouraging place to grow where He is shining in our midst. He surprises us then with a church that becomes flourishing and hearts to fulfill His great commission to go and make disciples of all men.

Want to join? Contact Pastor Joe at; Sue Mitchell at; Sandy Castle at; or Chuck Jarrell at